Hi My Name Is..........

Hi My Name Is..........
Hi My Name Is..........Denise Christina

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wonder Woman

When I was a teenager in high school I was the very quiet and nice girl who was kind of loner. I was young, insecure and sometimes very shy, so occassionally my mind would wander to a fantasy of a future of recognition where people would know who I was, what I did and what I excelled at. Of course I was also going through a phase of feeling completely alone and absolutely cynical and unappreciated(like a lot of teens do). Today as I look back on that imprinted fantasy/goal that I once had for my future as I see how quickly it is transforming into a completely different fantasy/goal. I realized that I am a simple person that likes simple things and sometimes occassionly outlandish things (just to mix it up a little). But as I phase out into a different chapter in my life I sense myself gravitating towards different levels of expectations. I don't need everyone to know what I'm doing, what I'm capable of way and what I can excel at. I would rather it be the opposite now. I would rather be a mystery, a suprise, a secret weapon of shock and awe. Just know that I have something great building in me and I'm capable of executing it when opportunity approaches and when I'm ready to share it and not just show it off. I Don't want to share every move I'm gonna make with everyone, I'd rather keep the buildup in the right ears and hearts of some until the greatness comes to its peak. Nowadays I'd rather hear: "I don't know what she's gonna do but I feel like its gonna be worthwhile or she's getting the job done (whatever she's doing)", and not "yeah I already know what she's gonna do, she told me a thousand times." Some things are better left unsaid and better off respected when seeing the final result in action. I want to be that kind of wonderwoman.

               Oneluv and GodBless

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